Real Estate

Real Estate

We specializes in various fields of Real Estate in Canada and USA.

Capital World specializes in various fields of Real Estate in Canada and the USA.

We try to make the IMPOSSIBLE….POSSIBLE!!

We work with experts and Investment Managers who keep us informed about current future forecasts which we deliver to our clients. This information helps our clients make sound and firm decisions on any projects they are pursuing regarding the Real estate.

⇛ Residential/ First time/Multiple home buyers

⇛ Commercial/Construction Loans (UP TO $500M)

⇛ Home Equity line of credits/Renovation Loans

⇛ Refinancing (UP TO 90% OF YOUR HOUSE VALUES)

⇛ Mortgage loans (FIRST,SECOND,THIRD….)

⇛ Private loans

⇛ Syndicate Mortgages

⇛ Investors who want a great return for their Funds (8 -20%)

⇛ Personal Investments (Look in services)

⇛ RRSP / Tax-Free Investments (something the Banks will never tell you) (look in services)


We are Real Estate Specialists

We Have Real Estate Solution 

P W M Capitals is Backed by 46 Lenders. All A,B,C,D are supporting the company in Canada and USA. We provide Clients with options and ask them to choose the deal they want.

We have a private portfolio of over 250 Million just because we give 8% to 20% returns to our investors. So if you are looking to invest your money with us we are ready to work with you.

We Have Team of Realtors!

We have a team of Realtors, mortgage agents, Hedge Fund investors, Accountants, Lawyers and Property Management Experts who help our Local and International Clients succeed in Real Estate investments.

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