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Capital World is a vast spread in 5 countries around the world. We are based in Canada, the USA, Dubai, India, and East Africa. We are looking to expand in China. Our Clients are all over the world and we have built strong relationships across borders and maintain our culture.

We help international investors lend or invest in Canada and the USA in Real Estate properties and projects. Offering various great returns and also provide live support in their respective countries via our expert Financial Advisors our investors feel like family.

If you are looking to find sound advice or park your money in Canada and USA, our team of experts can help you live and make sure all your queries are answered well. We provide in house Lawyers, Accountants and also Immigration services that our clients benefit with. Our experts are all experience in the industry for over 20 years in the business and are well known for their sound advice in their respective fields.


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What services we provide

Buy a house in Canada or USA

Immigrate to Canada to see your investment is in safe hands.

Invest in big Real Estate projects like malls and New constructions.

Invest in Canada and USA in saving accounts and get a great return on your investment.

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